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Ramaphosa address: Shameless ANC opportunism and misuse of government resources

The FF Plus regards President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “conversation with the people of South Africa” tonight as blatant political opportunism and shameless misuse of government resources to try and save the sinking ANC ship before Wednesday’s elections.

It was already evident in the media earlier today that there was no compelling issue that warranted a public address by the head of state.

The address itself was a blatant attempt at persuading the public to vote for the ANC against the backdrop of the “injustices of the past”.

This misuse of the SABC was undoubtedly an effort to ensure the ANC’s political survival.

Even the announcement of the address posted on government’s official web page today failed to provide justification for it.

The official announcement merely stated that the President would address the “nation” on Sunday 26 May and that the SABC would handle all aspects of the broadcast.

With regard to media enquiries, nothing but an email address for the President’s spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, was provided. Enquiries sent to this email address received no reply. No political leaders were informed of what the address would be about.

Clearly, the address had no bearing on some pertinent issue that affects all South Africans, it was merely an opportunity for the ANC to get some last-minute publicity.

The ANC has once again demonstrated that it will not hesitate to misuse taxpayers’ money and resources for its own gain.

The people of South Africa need not look any further for a compelling reason to oust this manipulative government that has brought the country to its knees. Wednesday’s elections will be a watershed moment in our history.



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