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NHI is like a parasite that will destroy country’s private healthcare system as well

The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill is an ANC-created parasite that will ultimately destroy the country’s private healthcare system as well.

If subjected to full ANC control, healthcare in South Africa will collapse like everything else under ANC control until, like the current public healthcare sector, there is nothing left.

The truth is that the NHI is nothing but a political gimmick that the ANC is using to canvass votes for the 2024 elections. It promises everyone everything, but in the end, there will be nothing left for anyone.

What has become of the country’s power supply, water supply and all other services under ANC rule must serve as a clear and timely warning of what will happen to our healthcare services.

The FF Plus will oppose this legislation in every way possible, and is calling on all of the country’s right-minded people to support the party in this endeavour.

It is disappointing that President Cyril Ramaphosa is apparently determined to write the NHI into the law book, even though there is abundant evidence of large-scale decline in state hospitals.

So, it is clear that the President is turning a blind eye and a wilfully deaf ear to the reality of the situation.

Apart from the unrealistic promise of free healthcare for every South African in exchange for votes, there is also the prospect of the supposed pot of gold for the ANC at the end of the NHI rainbow.

What is particularly alarming is that this Bill, like the Covid-19 state of disaster, makes no provision for any parliamentary oversight to be exercised over the NHI fund.

All power over the fund lies in the hands of a minister and Cabinet. The fund (i.e., the ANC) itself will investigate all complaints and will handle the appeals process as well. This comes down to the absolute abuse of power, and is no more than a nationalisation project.

Lord Acton’s quote seems apt: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That is why the FF Plus can say with certainty today that the fund will be looted, just like the Covid-19 emergency fund, until there is nothing left.

The FF Plus is of the view that a healthcare system must be designed and managed by experts in every relevant field, especially experts in the medical field, and not by ANC politicians and officials. A system with the aim of not destroying one for the sake of the other, but a viable system that is designed by medical professions and which includes the public and private sector.

The FF Plus is, furthermore, convinced that the NHI will not pass a constitutionality test, and there are a number of role-players who will certainly test it in the Constitutional Court.

Ultimately, we would not have needed to discuss or debate the NHI if the ANC did not allow the public healthcare system to collapse in the first place.



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