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Minister of Police is guilty of incitement to violence against farmers

The statement by Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, that farmers must not complain if they get hurt is nothing but a subtle form of incitement to violence against farmers. The Minister has clearly chosen sides and by doing so, he is indirectly encouraging violence between farmers and land occupants.

With regard to yesterday's meeting in Normandien at Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal, it is totally unacceptable that the Minister responded to complaints by the community by saying that he will re-open a case against a farmer even though the case has already been to court and the farmer was found not guilty on the charges that were brought against him.

It shows that the Minister has no respect for the law and that he is willing to undermine the administration of justice.

The FF Plus would like to know who the Minister of Police thinks he is to decide that a case that has been concluded may be re-opened. It would mean that South Africa has become a police state, which is totally unacceptable.

Minister Cele cannot create the impression that he is serious about farm attacks and murders as well as combating these crimes while he simultaneously convenes community meetings that serve as a platform to target and falsely accuse farmers.

A meeting like the one that took place in Normandien, where Glen Rafferty (63) and his wife, Vida (60), were murdered three weeks ago, achieves nothing and only contributes to the racial tension and polarisation in the community.

The Minister must remain impartial at all times and may not make any statements that create the impression that he has chosen sides. It is the police's duty to protect the rights of all landowners, also against illegal land occupants who do indeed pose a threat.

Minister Cele must instead focus his attention on ensuring that the police's rural safety plan is fully implemented and that additional reservists are appointed to protect and assist rural communities and farmers in particular.

Preventative measures must be intensified instead of convening meetings that create even more polarisation. It appears as if the Minister wanted to obtain some kind of political gain from the meeting, but he must know that farmers will have no part in that.




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