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Lesufi’s opportunism undermines establishment of better dispensation in Gauteng

The FF Plus strongly condemns the blatant opportunism of Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, who is undermining the establishment of a better dispensation in Gauteng.

The FF Plus finds Lesufi’s appointment of a provincial Cabinet which does not broadly reflect the composition of the Government of National Unity (GNU) at national level unacceptable.

In addition, a golden opportunity to create a more representative and equitable government for Gauteng has been missed.

The sensible policies that the FF Plus would bring to the table will put Gauteng’s economic growth on an upward trajectory and drastically improve safety and security for its people.

Although the FF Plus did not request any executive positions, a well-composed government of provincial unity would have been able to take the FF Plus’s sensible policies on board and implement them for Gauteng’s benefit.

Lesufi will have an uphill battle to implement any decisions seeing as he is currently ruling with a significant minority. Lesufi will struggle to get the required 50% plus 1 vote needed in the Legislature without the support of the FF Plus and the DA.

And if Lesufi were to ask the EFF and the MK for their support, he will have to make questionable compromises which may be detrimental to Gauteng because of those parties’ radical policies.

The FF Plus will intensify its oversight function and focus on keeping the Lesufi government accountable, now more than ever.



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