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Germiston residents plagued by unstable power supply

The Ekurhuleni Metro’s unstable power supply to Germiston is keeping a church and school from functioning properly.

On 1 April, Delville Primary School asked the Metro to look into its power supply as the school pays for three-phase power, but is only receiving two-phase power.

The school has to make use of generators for additional power.

So far, the Metro has done nothing to address the matter.

The Dutch Reformed Church congregation in Elsburg only has one-phase power after a cable was stolen from the powerbox in front of the church on 8 April.

The church is still waiting for an electrician to come and fix the problem.

The FF Plus requested the Metro’s Energy Department to immediately address the power problems.

The party also supplied the Department with a list of illegal power connections.

Power problems in Germiston are reported every day, but it is clearly not a priority for the Metro.

The FF Plus will continue to put pressure on the Metro and its Energy Department to fulfil its duties to loyal taxpayers and institutions.



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