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Gauteng SOPA: Lesufi is again making empty promises

The premier of Gauteng, Panyaza Lesufi, once again presented empty promises to the residents of Gauteng in his state of the province address (SOPA), while the previous promises have not been fulfilled yet.

E-toll are still in place whilst crime and unemployment are rampant. With these far-fetched promises, Lesufi is trying to fool voters once again to vote for the ANC.

His appointment of 7 000 peace officers is not in line with the due process and thus there are questions about the legal competence of the officers.

Despite numerous questions from the FF Plus about this, Lesufi has not yet been able to provide any definitive answers. This is nothing to boast about.

Similarly, his idea that the military should train the peace officers borders on the ridiculous. Military training is focused on training for warfare.

Police training, on the other hand, is aimed at law enforcement and the maintenance of public order. Members undergo training on criminal law, investigative techniques, crisis intervention, community policing and conflict resolution.

Currently, Lesufi’s peace officers hold great potential liability for the province and they can cost taxpayers dearly if, for example, people are unlawfully arrested.

The training of 40,000 technicians in collaboration with technical colleges is not feasible. The Gauteng government plans to fund this project to the amount of R3.2 billion. It is not clear where the money will be obtained from.

He was also silent on the education crisis in Gauteng which has drastically increased under him as MEC for education.

In Kempton Park, primary schools are being forced to accommodate high school students in temporary classrooms because high schools are overcrowded. Nothing came from his promised new schools.

He was also unable to present any workable crime prevention plan to reduce the crime rate in Gauteng.

His announcement that the province will transform 18 private hospitals into state hospitals is also a pipe dream. The province does not even have enough money to maintain and fund its provincial hospitals.

The premier’s speech was nothing but empty promises and a pre-election fairy tale. He is trying to prevent himself and the ANC from ending up in the opposition benches.

With the upcoming elections, residents of Gauteng have the opportunity to punish the ANC at the ballot box and replace it with an accountable and competent coalition government of which the FF Plus will be part.

Together we can restore and build Gauteng.



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