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FF Plus Youth does not take Youth Day celebrations lightly

The ANC government is holding the youth hostage and, thus, the FF Plus Youth will not celebrate Youth Day today. The FF Plus Youth simply cannot associate itself with a collective display of commemoration as regards Youth Day because in the current political climate, there is nothing to celebrate.

Year in and year out, the ANC government uses Youth Day as a means to draw attention away from its own shortcomings without ever really making a positive difference in the lives of the youth. At present, unemployment among the youth is a staggering 58%.

And the government is once again using today to spread propaganda and make divisive political statements. The Afrikaner youth is constantly discredited by statements that imply that our language and culture are characteristic of colonialism and oppression and that we do not really belong here as citizens of South Africa.

The Afrikaner youth is indoctrinated by the current school curriculum to feel that they may not be proud of their history, but that it is a shame.

The youth of minority groups is excluded from obtaining bursaries at tertiary institutions based solely on their skin colour and on top of that, they are further excluded from being admitted to universities to study certain courses also based on race.

The FF Plus Youth wants to be part of the future and progress in South Africa. We want unity in our diversity and demand equal opportunities for all. We are not asking for preferential treatment. We are asking for equal treatment.

South Africa can and should indeed learn from its past mistakes, but what we need to do now is to focus on the present and the future. The past is blamed for everything, while the government has no accountability for its current shortcomings and failures.

The FF Plus Youth cannot associate itself with a day of superficial celebrations, not until the government truly commits to addressing the needs and promoting the interests of the youth.



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