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Christmas Message – 2017

Many people feel like 2017 just flew by and can’t believe that Christmas is almost upon us once again. We all faced personal challenges over the past year, some of which we overcame successfully while others left us disappointed and defeated. For some the year was filled with joy and for others it brought sorrow. It is time to reflect on the last twelve months.

It is wonderful to know that just before the year comes to an end, we have Christmas. The message of Christmas – that God so loved us that He sent his only begotten Son to the world to save us – is one of hope and we can take heart in knowing that there is always hope with the Lord.

With that in mind, we are to humbly lay all our successes before our Heavenly Father as we kneel before Him in gratitude. We are also grateful because we could not have overcome our sorrow and disappointment if it had not been for His grace.

In the South African political landscape, as well as in the rest of the world, we are faced with great uncertainties that fill people’s hearts with doubt and fear. Increasingly we hear people ask: what future do we have here? Are we safe? Will we be able to survive in this economy? Will I keep my job? Some people are unemployed and can only but wonder if and where they will get a job in order to provide for their family.

A lot of people think that they can overcome these challenges and doubts by themselves, but that is not true. The true message of Christmas is what will give you the courage and strength to do so.

Isn’t the real Christmas message just what we need at the end of this year? To know that He sent his Son to die for our sake and in so doing atone for our sins. We will never be able to express how grateful we really are.

According to the Bible, all goes well for those that hope in the Lord. This is also what the Freedom Front Plus believes.

May you and your loved ones come to know the real message of Christmas and may you enjoy the festive time ahead. May you also tackle next year’s challenges with renewed courage and strength.



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