Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Cabinet position in GNU offers FF Plus opportunity to actively contribute to restoring and rebuilding South Africa

The FF Plus will play an active role in South Africa’s new political landscape through the Ministry of Correctional Services in the Government of National Unity (GNU).

The leader of the FF Plus, Dr Pieter Groenewald, will serve in the new Cabinet as the Minister of this portfolio, which comprises an integral part of the important national security cluster.

The position serves as recognition of the key role that the party has played in South Africa over the course of the last three decades.

The party accepted the position in Cabinet to demonstrate its willingness to fulfil its role in the GNU to facilitate stability and progress in the country.

The party’s participation in the Executive Authority will ensure that the right policy is implemented to create equal opportunities for everyone in the country.

The decision was also made in order to promote the FF Plus’s policy directions with the sole aim of rebuilding South Africa and getting it back on the right track.

The party will always reserve its right to criticise and can assure the public that it will make full use of all governmental processes to serve the interests of voters.

The party found itself in an extraordinary position where it had to choose between merely fulfilling an opposition role or actively participating in deliberations in Cabinet to determine policy and legislation to benefit every single person in South Africa.

Change is the only thing that will improve the South African political landscape.

This is an opportunity to bring about change to the ANC’s majority rule of the past 30 years. This is a golden opportunity for opposition parties, in particular, to play an active role from within the engine room so as to steer the South African ship in the right direction.



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