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Oorweging van Verslag: 2014 Fiskale Raamwerk en Inkomstevoorstelle / Consideration of Report: 2014 Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals

Speaker/ Deputy Speaker

Minister Gordhan, we admit that you have a very difficult job. There are many competing issues and causes worthy of intervention and funding, but one cannot due to limited income attend to all as one would like. We think you are doing a good job in the circumstances and for that we are thankful.

We have a country partitioned between a very modern economy on the one hand and dire socio-economic challenges on the other. It is thus easy to fall into a trap where one merely redistributes wealth from the one side to the other. The challenge of course worldwide, is to ensure that the middle class grows and that people are uplifted without resorting to killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. The ANC talks about the developmental state as the governmental instrument to perform this function. In this respect, the apt word is development as opposed to a mere redistribution that does not solve the poverty problem.

Daarom is dit goed dat die minister wil sorg dat Suid-Afrikaners meer spaar. Aan die ander kant betaal die gewone man en vrou in die straat steeds teveel belasting. Die beplande belastings op myne en olie-ontginners gaan die industrie breek. Enige koolstofbelasting moet nie teruggeploeg word in die fiskus nie, maar moet eerder geoormerk word vir groen projekte wat beide werk en skoon energie kan skep. Daar moet kreatief gekyk word hoe die gewone man en vrou se belastinglas verlig kan word deur byvoorbeeld belastings op groot riskante finansiële transaksies te plaas wat die positiewe sosiale effek sal hê dat swak beleggings in toksiese finansiële instrumente nie gedoen word nie.

Minister, I also ask you to kindly look at two important matters with huge possible repercussions. The first is the R80 billion class action claim against Transnet instituted by the Transnet pensioners. If this claim is successful, the credit status of Transnet and other parastatals, by association, and probably national government itself will be severely downgraded. There is, however, a way out of this impasse, if you are willing to talk to us. The same goes for the intractable e-tolls problem. A win-win scenario is still possible if you are willing to talk to us and other interested organisations. We think that we can submit a plan that will take all of us out of this impasse and that will benefit this country as a whole as well as the affected individuals.

Ons hoop om van die minister te hoor. Hierdie mag dalk die laaste geleentheid wees voor die konflik onnodig eskaleer.

Ons wens die minister alle sterkte toe.

Dankie Speaker/ Adjunk-Speaker


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