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Debat op die Wysigingswetsontwerp vir Minerale- en Petroleumhulpbronne-ontwikkeling / Debate on Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill


Minister, today I would like to talk directly to you and address a matter of great concern for us. While there are various issues of concern contained in this Bill, the most pressing matter for us relates to property rights.

In my informal discussions with parliamentary members of the ANC, I am continuously given the impression that the ANC will protect property rights. Yet when one has regard to the legislation tabled in this house by the ANC, a different message becomes clear.

In this Bill, the government wants a 20% free carry interest in any petroleum and gas concern. Furthermore it also provides the right for the government to buy up to an 80% in interest in that very same business, and could potentially end up owning 100% of such a business.

This smacks of nationalisation by stealth. Add to this picture, the clause found in the Investment Protection and Promotion Bill that government can siege property and hold it as custodian in terms that, in terms of a constitutional court judgment cannot be subject to any claims for compensation.

The picture is completed when one has regard to the reopening of the land claims where any expropriation will not be compensated in terms of a market related price.

Hierdie wetgewende kwashale skilder ‘n baie donker prentjie vir ‘n land wat hom voorhou as een met ‘n moderne ekonomie waarvan die hoeksteen privaat eiendomsreg is. Hierdie wetgewende ingrype, stuur ‘n baie duidelike sein vir enige buitestaander dat die ANC besig is om Julius Malema se beleid te implementeer, maar net op ‘n baie meer gesofistikeerde wyse.

Die vraag wat ek aan u wil vra minister, en u moet dit asseblief eerlike antwoord, wat is die ANC se werklike posisie rondom private eiendomsreg?

U mede-parlementslede in die ANC sê vir my ons het niks om oor bekommerd te wees nie, maar aan die ander kant word regsinstrumente geskep wat op kragdadige wyse inbraak kan maak op private eiendomsreg.

So ek vra, sal die werklike ANC asseblief opstaan, en wees eerlik met die mense van hierdie land.

Minister you also need to be very concerned about another legal challenge against this Bill, as your lawyers have not noticed a grave oversight. Whilst you could argue that when government is merely a custodian that no expropriation has taken place, you cannot use this very same argument when government has taken a 20% interest in an oil and gas business.

This is not a tax, as you will be taking an equity interest, so clearly this would be deemed as expropriation, and you could be sued for compensation. So if it is the plan of the ANC to take something without compensation, then in this case it will not work for you.

Minister, hierdie hele debat is egter ondergeskik aan die vraag wat ek reeds aan u gestel het: Wat wil die ANC doen met eiendomsreg in die land, en wat is die rede dat julle uit twee monde praat? Indie julle wel van plan is om die Julius Malema-opsie uit te oefen, moet julle eerlik wees daaroor en moet julle vir die mense van die land sê hoekom julle dit doen. Ek wag vir u antwoord in die verband.


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