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Zuma should dispel uncertainty about many issues with his State of the Nation Address

Confusing comments about the economy and speculation about a possible cabinet reshuffle continuously sends wrong signals to prospective investors and President Jacob Zuma must use the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to dispel any uncertainties, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, Leader of the FF Plus, said.

Dr. Groenewald says the ANC recently often made comments about ‘radical economic transformation’. He said the president would have to clearly spell out what he means by this and which sectors will be hit hardest by it, so that investors may know what to expect.

“The economy must be stimulated now to create jobs, but the ANC government does the opposite and is digging itself deeper into an ideological rut, while the economy, in fact, needs clear direction, innovative thinking, and practical solutions.

“The president is also not creating any trust with his actions. Rumours of a possible cabinet reshuffle are seriously detrimental, and he will also have to give clarity about this.

“If it is indeed on the cards, he must discuss it and undertake it as quickly as possible to bring certainty.

“A third aspect which he will have to address is the security situation in South Africa. The whole criminal justice system in the country, which includes justice, is being manipulated by the president to the advantage and protection of himself and his loyalists.

“He will merely have to start acting strictly against people such as the incompetent Shaun Abrahams, the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP), who already in November of last year had to provide reasons why President Zuma should not fire him. It creates an impression of favouring and protecting him.

“Similarly, with the suspended police commissioner, Riah Phiyega. Zuma appointed her, and he can fire her. The president will have to fix the criminal justice system, and it can only happen if qualified and competent people are appointed.

“It should also be clearly spelled out what the so-called white monopoly capital is that is a stumbling block on the road to transformation according to the ANC. The only monopolies, of which the FF Plus is aware, are public entities in the hands of the ANC.

“The continuous scapegoating of white people as an excuse for the ANC’s failures cannot be tolerated any longer,” Dr. Groenewald said.



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