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Why was Shaun Abrahams at Luthuli House?

It is completely unacceptable that the head of the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA), Adv. Shaun Abrahams, had to go to Luthuli House at all to discuss the prosecution of the minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, with the ANC, as it is the place where the ANC takes political decisions, Dr. Corné Mulder, the chief whip of the FF Plus, said.

Dr. Mulder said during the debate on the consequences of the NPA’s decision on the economy that it was absurd to hold an urgent debate of national interests, such as this one, only two weeks after it had been requested, and in addition to holding it so late in the afternoon.

He said the issue should have been debated two weeks ago when it had been a huge public discussion point.

“The ANC has said here that they stand for the independence of the NPA. This is not true. On the 4th November this year, after the ANC had summoned Abrahams to Luthuli House, an ANC member said in the parliamentary portfolio committee on justice that there was nothing wrong with the NPA head to visit Luthuli House.

He said the objective of the NPA is to enforce the ANC’s mandate as governing party. “The ANC now says in this house that it respects the NPA’s independence. This is not true.

“The ANC is trying to convince everybody again not to talk badly about South Africa and to pull together in a team in the interest of the country, and not to scare investors away.

“There is, however, no worse way to besmirch the country’s name, than to charge the country’s finance minister on made-up false charges, and sends that message into the world.

“Before the minister of finances is charged, you have to be a million percent sure of your case, not just a hundred percent sure.

“After the director of the NPA had initially said that there was proof to charge the minister, he had to withdraw the charges in a humiliating fashion three weeks later.

“The whole issue was a tragic travesty of justice. Why did Abrahams have to go to Luthuli House, where political decisions are made by the governing party? It is totally unacceptable. The NPA should not be seen anywhere close to that place.

“It is clear that the ANC is abusing the NPA, and it cannot be allowed,” Dr. Mulder said.


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