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White nationalists not welcome in DA – Mazibuko

The remark made by Ms. Lindiwe Mazibuko, parliamentary leader of the DA, that the DA has to get rid of white nationalists, is an insult to those white voters who had seen to it that the DA was made the official opposition in Parliament. What she is actually saying is that any white voter who is not ashamed of his or her Afrikaner identity, is not welcome in the DA,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald (MP), the parliamentary leader of the Freedom Front Plus says.

The offensive remark of Mazibuko was made to the journalist, Donwald Pressly, author of the book Owning the Future: Lindiwe Mazibuko and the Changing Face of the DA.

“It is clear that the new DA does not have room for white nationalism and is undergoing a total change. Mazibuko even bemoans the fact that white voters has supported Tony Leon so strongly because it was only a short-term gain, but to the detriment of the DA in the long run. I now understand why the DA supports race-based affirmative action legislation in Parliament and never says anything in defence of the interests of Afrikaners,” Groenewald says.

“The Freedom Front Plus has never been ashamed to speak out in Parliament in defence of the interests of Afrikaners and we will continue with it,” Groenewald said.


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