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Western Cape: Unbridled deforestation and informal settlements must be stopped

Yesterday during a virtual session of the Western Cape Provincial Legislature, the FF Plus requested that the unbridled deforestation in the province must be investigated and stopped.

The FF Plus recently paid visits to Melkhoutwoud, situated in Hermanus, as well as Schulphoek, which has been utterly destroyed due to illegal land occupations. Schulphoek is a rural area that borders on the sea just south and south-west of the town Zwelihle in Hermanus.

The invasion of the beach-area where there are no ablution facilities, no garbage removal and no other municipal services is politically motivated and has no place in a constitutional democracy.

The situation is absurd and the FF Plus does not approve of it.

The FF Plus wants to emphasise that an ocean-view is not given in the Constitution as a prerequisite for proper housing.

The party also wants to highlight Section 26(1) of the Constitution according to which everyone has the right to proper housing and the government must implement reasonable, legislative and other measures to give execution to this right within its available resources.

It is a fact that land occupations pose an enormous threat to ordinary urbanisation and housing planning. Every piece of land in this country cannot simply be used for housing. Other important developments, like factories, schools, business premises and churches, must also be constructed.

Proper housing must indeed be provided to the people, but not at the expense of natural resources that should be protected for the coming generations.

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