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Wave of violent crime in the Northern Cape shines spotlight on communities’ responsibility

The murder of the 80-year-old Mrs Hannetjie Kruger in Upington as well as video footage doing the rounds on social media showing a lady being attacked and robbed in Kuruman underscore communities' responsibility to ensure their own safety and security.

Mrs Kruger and her husband, who live on a farm outside of town, were helping their children who had to take one of the grandchildren to Bloemfontein for medical treatment. They came to stay in town for a while to look after and drive around the other children. It was when Mrs Kruger did not show up at school that it became evident that something was wrong.

In contrast to Upington, Kuruman is notorious for being a crime hot spot in the Northern Cape. The dilemma is that the deployment of police is calculated based on the town's permanent population.

During the day about ten times more people than the town's own population, of about 13 000, come to the town from the rural areas of Ga-Segonyana Municipality, in which district the town is situated, and the nearby Joe Morolong Municipality. This creates an unpoliceable situation. The community has already started taking responsibility for their own safety, but cannot keep up.

The FF Plus wants to remind communities that all people who access their homes and premises can obtain specific information. Someone who is, for instance, planning to commit a crime can easily start working for a garden services company or gain access to a home or yard as a temporary worker.

Therefore, it is vital to always be vigilant and to think twice about who you allow to enter your property.



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