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Freedom Front Plus

Urgent attention needed to put an end to attacks on paramedics

The FF Plus will urgently request the Minister of Health to intervene in the ongoing crisis sweeping through the country as paramedics are being attacked and robbed. According to media reports, there have been up to 30 attacks on emergency medical services professionals in the country over the last six months.

This new trend is a cause for concern for the FF Plus and the situation must be addressed before it gets out of hand and delivers a severe blow to a crucial service. Ultimately, the patients who desperately need emergency medical care are the ones who will be affected the most.

Paramedics fulfil an extraordinary and extremely important role that saves countless lives. South Africa simply cannot get by without paramedic services. Paramedics are the ones who save people in need and if these professionals can no longer fulfil this vital role because they are afraid that they might be attacked, robbed or even murdered it will bring about a national crisis.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that the Minister of Health can no longer turn a blind eye and action must be taken at once. Paramedics, both in the public and private sectors, must enjoy proper protection. The Minister must urgently meet with his colleagues in the Cabinet so that this problem can be solved.

Contact details: 060 556 4347



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