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Freedom Front Plus

Tshwane Metro to crack down on people tampering with prepaid meters

The FF Plus in the Tshwane Metro Council supported a proposal that officials should visit households with prepaid water and power meters to check whether they have been tampered with.

According to a report tabled in the Council, the Metro is suffering enormous financial losses because residents bypass prepaid meters and consume more electricity and water than they purchase or receive for free from the Metro.

Residents registered as indigent with the Metro who are found guilty of this offence will no longer receive free water and power from the Metro, and will be deregistered.

Registered indigents receive 100 kVA units of electricity and 12 kl of water for free every month.

The FF Plus insisted that officials should start identifying the culprits immediately and take appropriate action.

Fines of up to R200 000 for individuals and R10 million for businesses may be imposed.

As coalition partner, the FF Plus is dedicated to helping the Metro out of its dire financial predicament, therefore, residents should not be allowed to use services without paying for them.



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