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Too many hands and not enough work in South Africa

The ANC government has created an unwholesome labour situation in South Africa where there are too many hands and not enough job opportunities, says adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson for labour.

Adv. Alberts says that the root causes of the problem will be evident when considering the captured pres. Jacob Zuma and his cabinet as well as the uncertainty regarding policies under the guise of radical economic transformation. International credit rating agencies, the IMF, the European Union (EU) and America are all of the same opinion.

He says the question is whether South Africa will make the necessary adjustments to its labour policy or if it will remain on the economic junk heap, created by the ANC, indefinitely.

“This department’s biggest problem is that their intention is essentially to redistribute existing job opportunities without sincerely looking at how new job opportunities can be created. So no attention is paid to the thousands of unemployed people because redistribution is their mantra.

“There also seems to be an obsessive focus on the demographic profile of top management levels and this is accompanied by the complaint that it is still too white. Other levels, where the majority of job opportunities are created, are simply ignored. These other levels paint a different picture. The fact that they are ignored creates the impression that the department’s agenda is to demonise white people, who also contribute to black politicians’ salaries.

“Ironically, the ANC’s own statistics on employment in the public service, which basically only benefits cadres, is very interesting. By 2011 the public service’s demographic profile was as follows:

“In short, this comes down to the fact that the ANC does not comply with its own conditions for employment equity, but that they expect the private sector to do so. Maybe the situation at the Luthuli-house should be looked into as well.

“Many of the coloured people, including the Koi and San, are unhappy about the injustice done to them by the ANC’s job reservation policy. Seeing as national demographical statistics are used for setting targets for employment equity, many coloured people find that they are not black enough to get a job. Allow me to give you a few examples:

“These are but a few problems that one can highlight with the mantra: “We are not equal!” It goes without saying that white people share the same sentiment.

“The minister should take note of the following legal principles:

“Minority groups in South Africa are calling out: We are not equal! And we know why: it is because the ANC government is not working and they cannot get our economy to work either. Scores of unemployed people are starting to realise who is the real cause of the problem and they are going to start revolting against the captured ANC government,” says Adv. Alberts.


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