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Those throwing stones at Israel must first familiarise themselves with what is really going on there (Debate in Parliament: Call for downgrading of the South African embassy in Israel until such time Israel “respects” the rights of Palestinians)

The people who are so quick to criticize and throw stones at Israel must first familiarise themselves with what is really going on there. A first-hand visit to the country would not hurt.

It is highly unlikely that all the South African enemies of Israel have paid a visit to the Palestinian city of Ramallah. Or the West Bank. Or the Gaza Strip.

Today's attacks on Israel in the South African Parliament contained all the same old clichés.

It confirms the suspicion that those expressing them are totally out of touch with what is happening in the international community.

The debate in Parliament is, in fact, a tragic reflection of South Africa's foreign policy and its attitude towards the country.

With it, South Africa is relegating itself to an irrelevant bystander in the entire Israel-Palestine matter.

These politicians' ignorance is evident in the fact that they are blissfully unaware that there are Palestinians in the Israeli army. Or elected Palestinians in the country's parliament.

They are obviously ignorant of the international Abraham Accords of 2020 between various role players seeking some common ground for peace.

It includes Middle Eastern Muslim countries that pursue normal, diplomatic relations – something that many South Africans reject.

The following lesson should be taken to heart: Israel does not need anything from South Africa.

The tiny country is a giant in the technological arena and could help South Africa address its many problems, like water and infrastructure. But ideology bites the hand that could feed it.

Not everyone in Africa is that blind, though. Countries like Angola, Cameroon, the Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Zambia and many others have normal, diplomatic ties with Israel to the benefit of everyone in those countries.

South Africa must wake up and take note. Even Israel and Palestine themselves are moving on in their pursuit of lasting solutions and peace.

A true friend would have advised Palestine to help find true solutions and not keep playing the victim to get the world's sympathy.

Constantly attacking Israel is a game that has reached its expiry date.



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