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Polokwane paralysed by poor service delivery, but fails to spend allocated funds

Residents of the Polokwane Local Municipality (Pietersburg) who are already suffering due to the ANC-controlled Municipality's rotten service delivery will soon be even worse off due to the intention of the National Treasury (NT) to stop paying out certain allocations.

In a letter to the municipal manager, Ms T Nemugumoni, the Municipality is informed that the NT is planning to drastically reduce some of Polokwane's 2022/23 allocations.

This is due to the Municipality's underperformance in spending these allocations.

An amount of R97 million will be taken away from the Municipality's initial allocation of R426 municipality for the 2022/23 Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

The other allocations that may possibly fall away are:

R14,8 million of the R40 million earmarked for the Neighbourhood Development Partnership Grant;
R47 million of the R199,5 million earmarked for the Public Transport Network Grant;
R23 million of the R33 million earmarked for the Integrated National Electrification Programme Grant;
R4 million of the R5 million earmarked for the Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management Grant;
R77,3 million of the R154,6 million earmarked for the Regional Bulk Infrastructure Grant; and
R20 million of the R77,2 million earmarked for the Water Services Infrastructure Grant.

It is a disgrace that these funds could be lost due to the ANC-controlled Municipality's failure to use the money, while Polokwane is visibly decaying.

Residents experience poor service delivery, decaying power and water infrastructure, and roads with more potholes than tar on a daily basis, but the Municipality is sitting on its hands.

The FF Plus will ask the municipal manager whether the Municipality responded to the NT's letter and what motivation was offered to prevent the forfeiture of the funds.

The party is, however, not holding out hope that the Municipality will succeed in effectively spending these allocations before the end of the financial year on 30 June.

This will have a detrimental impact on the next financial year's allocations.

Under ANC rule, Polokwane has literally and figuratively deteriorated from a once prosperous town to a dump.

Polokwane deserves better than the ANC.




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