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The DA is betraying its voters – FF Plus now the true opposition in Gauteng

The DA has betrayed its voters and has sold out their support to the ANC and EFF, if the media reports of the weekend are true. According to media reports, the DA is locked in talks with the ANC and EFF to, in exchange for key positions, enter into a coalition government with one or both of these parties after the election. If the DA is indeed involved in talks with the ANC and EFF to form a coalition government, the DA can no longer claim that it is an opposition party. It is a party which, for its own personal gain, will trade with the support of voters,” Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ MP and premier candidate of the party in Gauteng says.

“The DA is asking voters in Gauteng to vote for the party to get rid of the corrupt ANC government in this manner, but according to reports which the DA has yet to deny, the DA wants to enter into a coalition with the ANC. This boils down to the DA no longer being an opposition party which is opposed to the corrupt ANC government in Gauteng.

“This type of action of the DA is however not surprising any longer given the DA’s unimaginative following of the ANC’s policies. The DA supports the ANC in parliament when stricter black economic empowerment and affirmative action measures are implemented. The DA also slavishly follows the ANC with the re-opening of the land claims process. The DA’s policies are increasingly indistinguishable from the policies of the ANC.

“The question that voters have to ask themselves, is how the DA can claim that they are opposing the ANC in issues such as the implementation of the e-toll system if they are now negotiating with the ANC to form a coalition in exchange for key positions? How can the DA be trusted to defend the free market system in the economic heartland of the country, i.e., Gauteng, if they are in talks with the EFF, a radical anti-free market party, to form a coalition with them? Which of the free market principles will the DA give up in exchange for key positions?

“The DA can therefore no longer accuse the ANC of corruption if the party itself is prepared to obtain the support of voters in a dishonest manner. The DA asks voters to vote for the party and in so doing fire the ANC government and appoint a new DA government. It now however appears that the DA does not intend for the ANC government to be fired because they want to bring the ANC back through a coalition. Voters who want to get rid of the ANC in Gauteng will therefore be wasting their votes if they vote for the DA because the DA will keep the ANC in government.

“The FF Plus calls on voters to punish the DA at the ballot box and rather give their support to a true opposition, such as the FF Plus. The FF Plus policy views, together with that of its coalition partners in the Collective for Democracy, are known and will not be sacrificed in exchange for key positions to profit individuals. Voters can trust the FF Plus to protect their interests in a coalition while the DA will use those interests to trade them for favourable positions for a few individuals,” Adv. Alberts says.


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