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Taxpayers can no longer finance the ANC governments failures

(Parliamentary debate: Medium-term budget policy and the adjustment budget)


The goose laying the golden eggs that pay for the ANC's failures – namely the taxpayer – cannot go on like this any longer.

One does not even have to attend the Standing Committee for Budgets to see that the country is in big trouble due to the ANC's skewed priorities over the last 25 years. The ANC stood idly by and allowed public enterprises, departments and all levels of government to be looted with no consequences for the guilty parties whatsoever.

The ANC itself even admitted that the problems were caused by a lack of competence. This lack is the ANC's own doing seeing as the wrong candidates who were appointed over the last 25 years were the kind of people who are simply not interested in doing their jobs properly.

The adjustment budget aims to curb expenditure, but it is already too late for that.

A shining example of the ANC's squandering is Jackson Mthembu, the ANC's MEC for Roads and Transport in Mpumalanga at the time, who said in 1997 that it is imperative for his provincial Department to purchase BMW cars because he is a leader in the community and so he cannot be expected to drive around in a car from the 1600s.

The South African public is suffering due to this kind of attitude. Large businesses are going bankrupt and the rural economic is on its knees due to the lack of economic development and the fact that infrastructure is collapsing.

The ANC is now relying on the private sector to grow the economy and save the country through investments. The government and its close companion, the EFF, are making it harder and harder for this particular sector to grow and yet it is looking to this sector to save it from ruin. The private sector is the only one that can create jobs in the country.

With regard to Eskom, it is shocking that the Department of Public Enterprises, which is supposed to oversee the power supplier, has R13,2 million outstanding debt to Eskom itself.

It is unacceptable. The government owes itself money and then it does not pay its outstanding debt. That is why the fiscus is bankrupt and also why the situation will not improve as long as the ANC is in power.


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