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Stripping of public enterprises increased sharply under Lynne Brown

“The stripping of public enterprises by a small group of public servants and their connections in private enterprises has reached the intensity of a school of piranhas stripping their prey’s flesh from its bones,” says adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson for public enterprises.

According to adv. Alberts, the intensity of the stripping has increased hand over fist under minister Lynne Brown.

“Under the minister’s supervision we have witnessed the most bizarre and blatant forms of state capture and it just keeps running on like a bad horror movie. The script may very well be intriguing, but the execution of the state capture is so obvious that one is not surprised when yet another state capturer is exposed.

“It’s like the capturers know that they can act with impunity so they don’t even go to the trouble of trying to conceal their handiwork.

“For those who feel brave enough to watch this horror movie, the fact that the same suspects make their appearance time and again will become evident soon enough:

“I just want to tell Mr. Molefe that he will pay. The FF Plus will make sure that he and everyone else stealing from the pensioners, will declare themselves bankrupt and end up in prison. You may be living in luxury now, but the wheel is turning!

The Gupta tentacles are everywhere. Even at Denel we have VR Laser, Essa Salim and Gupta partner, standing at the ready to take part in the marauding. There are numerous other business opportunities in which this resourceful family is also involved.

“All these things are happening right under the minister’s nose. She has to act. If she doesn’t do something soon, we’ll know that she is also in the Gupta’s pocket,” says adv. Alberts


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