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Speech in parliament: ANC caused South Africa’s financial predicament

The economic crisis in South Africa and the factors that contributed to it, like looting and corruption, did not fall from the sky. It was also not brought about by Apartheid, but by the ANC government that does not care about the people in this country and is only concerned about its own interests.

As long as state departments' irregular expenditure keeps increasing, there can be no fiscal discipline in this country. Just over the last financial year, these expenses have increased to R50 billion.

Irregular expenditure at state-owned enterprises is also a great burden on the fiscus as it increased fivefold, to a staggering R27 billion, over the same period. Over the last financial year, fruitless expenditure and squandering increased with 200% under the leadership of the ANC government.

The revenue service is being mismanaged and looted by the people that the government appointed, and government debt has reached an all-time high of nearly R3 trillion. Seeing as South Africa currently has an irresponsible government that allows these things to happen, fiscal discipline is unattainable.

And fiscal discipline will remain nothing but a dream for as long as state-owned enterprises are saved from financial ruin time and again. The money that is thrown into this bottomless pit is hard-earned tax money.

The government is more concerned about bailing out a failing airline than it is about the unemployed and poverty stricken in our country. An airline that squanders billions of rands means nothing for the those in need. South Africa will not prosper as long as state departments are collapsing.

Even though the Minister of Finance announced an economic recovery plan, it cannot be implemented and executed by a failing government and corrupt officials.

South Africa's economy will keep declining for as long as the ANC is in power. The economy will only grow under the leadership of a new, responsible coalition government of which the FF Plus will be a part.


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