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South Africa is heading for civil war if economic decay continues

What is happening at present is a crisis and an example of how the ANC government has ruined South Africa’s economy, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the Economy says. If it is not brought under control now, South Africa could lapse into serious internal conflict within the next five years as everyone fights for control over the last portions of wealth and living resources.

Events which have been occurring over the past couple of weeks, such as the strikes and incidents of public violence, make it clear that the levels of frustration of a lot of people could get out of control, if drastic changes are not made.

He said this is why it is extremely important that prospective voters take note of the fact that the FF Plus is at present the most market orientated party in Parliament with the only feasible plan to rescue the country’s economy and allow it to grow again. It has been proven over and again that a free-market economy is the only feasible one.

According to Adv. Alberts, external factors such as the influence of world politics do play a role in what happens locally, but the mere redistribution of wealth through Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and affirmative action has a destructive influence on what takes place locally.

“The extent of the situation in South Africa is really a crisis which, to a large extent, is being under-estimated by the business sector. Media reports however indicate that factors such as unemployment, poverty and poor service delivery are already starting to lead to public unrest.

“The ANC is busy committing political suicide by not encouraging any growth or creating any jobs. Methods to plunder state and private sector pension funds are being eyed as part of the government’s socialist agenda.

“What is especially disconcerting is that the policy of the country’s official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), does not differ much from that of the ANC. This should scare every concerned person in South Africa.

“Voter’s only option now is to vote for a collective of opposition parties which proposes a market-orientated economy through which economic growth could take place.

“It is of the greatest importance that voters, especially in Gauteng, which is the heartland of South Africa’s economy, vote correctly to keep the ANC out of office and in so doing, force the DA into a coalition with a party such as the FF Plus which could see to it that free market principles are applied.

“This is unfortunately not scaremongering. Every right-thinking person who, on a daily basis sees and hears what is taking place in the country, will share my and many other people’s concerns about the economy and social instability which could become so pressing that people would rebel and fight for basic living resources.

“It is not necessary to reach that point. It is in the hands of the country’s residents to bring about a change. And the instrument is the election later this year,” Adv. Anton Alberts says


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