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South Africa is becoming more and more violent and is an unsafe country to live in

The police service's crime statistics for the 2018-19 financial year serve as proof that South Africa is becoming more and more violent and increasingly unsafe for its citizens.

For the first time ever, all seven categories of contact offences committed against a person showed an increase. Murder increased for the seventh consecutive year, this time with 3,4%.

A shocking total of 21 022 people were murdered. That is more than five times the world average. The world average for murder is seven per 100 000 of the population. In South Africa, it is more than 36 per 100 000.

With regard to sexual offences, all four categories showed an increase. Rape escalated with 3,9% to 41 583 cases. Sexual assault saw the greatest increase as it rose with 9,6%. In general, sexual offences increased with 4,6% to a total of 52 420 cases.

Robberies at residential premises, the offence most feared by South Africans, increased with 0,8% to 22 431 incidents.

The FF Plus doubts the accuracy of the farm murder figures conveyed in the statistics and is of the opinion that it is not correct. The statistics show that 47 murders were committed in 41 incidents. However, the agricultural unions' statistics show a much higher murder rate.

The government must shoulder its responsibility and take drastic steps to turn the South African criminal justice system around to ensure that criminals are punished for their crimes.

Criminals are no longer scared of the police or to commit offences in South Africa. The country's citizens are justified in saying that they feel unsafe. In terms of the constitutional requirements, the government has a duty to protect the people of this country.

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