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Sol Plaatje’s slogan seems to be “All municipal officials are equal – some are just more equal than others”

A site visit to the licensing offices in Kimberley revealed that the same rules do not apply to all employees of the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality when it comes to service delivery. The fact that the licensing offices and municipal vehicle testing station are situated on the outskirts of Kimberley has made this possible.

The FF Plus paid a visit to the offices after receiving various complaints from the public. By 11:30 (this week Wednesday), public access to the premises was already closed.

While the rest of Sol Plaatje's employees worked normal working hours under Level Three lockdown, the licensing office's staff insisted that they must close at 12:00.

The FF Plus asked to discuss the matter with the department head, Mr Moeti. However, Moeti is apparently on sick leave and there is no-one filling in for him. No other members of the management were available either.

Later during a telephonic conversation, Moeti said that the offices had to close early so that the buildings could be sanitized. According to him, staff members have a great workload and the offices need to close early so that they can finish their work.

In the FF Plus's view, staff members' workload should be a lot less seeing as vehicles are no longer being tested and motor vehicle licences are not being issued while the same number of people are still working there. According to dissatisfied residents, staff members nowadays seem to think that it is their duty to enforce Covid-19 protocols in the rows of people waiting to be assisted.

When the FF Plus visited the offices on Thursday at 13:30, they were in for a big surprise as the premises were deserted. The employees had gone home a long time ago already.

It is absolutely unacceptable. These employees are being paid for a full day of work and it is time that they start doing it so that residents can get the service that they pay for and are entitled to.

Contact details: 083 454 9410



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