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SIU raid in Matlosana: The time has come for guilty officials to be held accountable

It is high time for action to be taken against officials in the Matlosana Local Municipality (Hartbeesfontein, Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein) who are implicated in corruption and fraud as well as those who are mismanaging the Municipality as taxpayers shell out R1,8 billion every year but everything keeps deteriorating.

A team of about twenty members of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) and The Hawks cracked down on the Matlosana municipal offices this morning.

Video footage from the eNCA news network shows that among the articles seized are documents that presumably relate to purchases of Covid-19 supplies.

According to the news report, the investigation will focus on, among other things, the office of the municipal manager.

The FF Plus lodged a number of complaints about tender fraud with The Hawks over the past few years.

It is unacceptable that taxpayers are expected to do their part to maintain the Municipality while everything around them is falling apart and the roads are in such poor condition and riddled with potholes that they are almost inaccessible.

The paying residents of Matlosana are becoming more and more unhappy as their hard-earned tax money is being misappropriated and stolen and they do not get value for their money.

If the Municipality does not deliver the services it ought to with the R1,8 billion that it collects in taxes, it is only to be expected that residents will increasingly revolt against paying taxes.

The SIU and The Hawks' crackdown today emphasises the immensely detrimental impact that suspected corruption and fraud have on service delivery.

The FF Plus welcomes the investigation and would like to see it conducted and concluded speedily yet thoroughly so that the guilty parties can be put behind bars, where they belong.

A simple rap on the knuckles or the customary re-deployment of guilty cadres with ANC ties will be absolutely unacceptable.



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