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Shocking abduction of five-year-old illustrates that children are defenceless against crimes

The law should have no mercy for persons who are involved in crime against children, as in the most recent case where four assailants snatched the five-year-old Amy-Lee de Jager from Vanderbijlpark out of her mother's arms and took off with her.

The men took Amy-Lee, got in a white Toyota Fortuner and sped away from the parking area across Kollege Park Primary School. The police and members of the community policing forum (CPF) launched a search within minutes. Roads were patrolled and the entrances to suburbs were blocked off.

The FF Plus councillor in Vanderbijlpark, Ms Gerda Senekal, who is also a member of the policing forum, immediately joined the organised team to help with the search.

According to Missing Children South Africa, cases of children going missing are reported on a daily basis. This shocking tendency cannot be allowed to continue, the police must pay special attention to the incidence of child abduction.

However, the authorities and other organisations are not the only ones responsible for the safety and protection of children. Parents share in the responsibility to ensure that their children are safe and must, where possible, accompany their children to make sure that they reach their destinations safely.

The FF Plus wants to encourage parents to make use of reliable electronic tools to monitor their children's movements, especially young children. Children should also be taught how to use these tools to notify their parents if they find themselves in a situation where they need help.

The FF Plus Youth hopes for the safe return of Amy-Lee and that the perpetrators will get the maximum punishment. The party would also like to thank the police and members of the CPF for their swift action.

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