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Scottish people deserve praise for the peaceful way in which they strive for self-determination

A growing nationalism and desire for self-determination of the Scottish people is clearly visible from the fact that the Scottish National Party (SNP) had 32,9% support in 2007 while 44,5% of the Scottish people had given their support to the self-determination idea of the SNP in the referendum, Dr. Corné Mulder, the chief whip of the FF Plus said.

Dr. Mulder said all people in the world have an inherent right to self-determination which is pursued in a peaceful and violent manner. In the case of the Scots, they followed the modern trend and chose to do it in a peaceful manner through a referendum.

“When it is done peacefully, it isn’t merely a single event, but a sequence of different steps and events. The referendum was one such step on the Scottish people’s road to self-determination.

“The FF Plus would like to congratulate the Scots with the progress made to date. It is clear that there is growing support for the idea of Scottish sovereignty,” Dr. Mulder says.


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