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Schaik application for ordinary parole is scandalous

“Shabir Schaik’s application to have his medical parole converted to ordinary parole is proof that his medical parole was a farce. For medical parole he had to be terminally ill and if he is healed now, comprehensive information had to be made available about the medical treatment he had received.

“The application also reveals Schaik’s views that he is above the law and with the right friends he can circumvent laws and rules. The message is that if one had the right political connections, one can commit a crime and if one goes to jail it is only temporarily as there will be a loophole to be released on parole early. This is in contrast with Clive-Derby Lewis who is really ill and suffering from cancer, but is not given medical parole.

“This application of Schaik should be denied or else it will be just another blemish on the name of Correctional Services and makes medical parole a farce,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on Correctional Services says.


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