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Sanral must not drop its law suits against road construction companies, unless it pays for the Gauteng e-toll system

The decision of Sanral not to press continue with its law suits against construction companies which deceitfully, through collusion, had been involved in, amongst others, the upgrade of the Gauteng road infrastructure, essentially boils down to road users having to foot the bill for this scam, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport, says.

According to reports today in the Business Day newspaper, Sanral has decided to give up its claim against the companies which had been involved in the collusion because the companies had agreed to pay a settlement fee. The amount will apparently be used for transformation in the industry.

This follows after the Competition Tribunal had already in 2014 issued more than 28 certificates to Sanral for work which had been done by various construction companies.

Sanral announced at the time that it was cooperating whit experts which would determine the amounts involved and exactly how much it would claim back from each company.

It was good news for road users, which had to carry the heavy additional load for the dishonest practices valued at millions of rand. By the middle of 2014, Sanral’s debt for the upgrade had already amounted to R20 billion.

Adv. Alberts says it raises the question where it leaves road users of Gauteng, who still have to pay for the e-toll to pay for a debt which was artificially inflated, due to, amongst others, the collusion between companies.

He said the FF Plus demands that Sanral continues with its claims to pay off the e-toll system’s debt and to scrap the e-toll system afterwards.

“No other outcome is acceptable. There is a way to collect all the debt with regards to the Gauteng road improvements without having to ask a cent from road users. Sanral has a duty to follow that route.

“The amount involved in the corruption which was committed nationally between all the companies, and which differs from the Green Point Stadium to the Gauteng e-toll system is probably unequalled in South Africa.

“Nearly half of it involves road projects and it could make a significant difference to Sanral’s debt. The FF Plus will be asking questions in parliament about this issue of the minister of Transport.


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