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Safety is being abused to allow the new political elite to live in luxury

The department of public works is like a patient in the intensive care unit of the hospital while the ‘doctor’, in this case the head of state, is also suffering from an illness which could be called the Nkandla illness, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on Public Works said.

Dr. Groenewald said the example of the murder of Chris Hani to motivate why safety at official residences should be upgraded is an unfortunate one as the upgrades are all about luxuries and not about safety.

“It is 2014, not 1992. One can have a look on Google Earth to see exactly where a minister or a deputy minister lives. It is not necessary to go around and ask questions about it.

“Public works is busy abusing safety to waste money at the residences of ministers and deputy ministers where renovations are all about luxury and not about safety.

“An example is the previous minister of Agriculture, Dr. Pieter Mulder. Dr. Mulder stayed in the parliamentary compound, Acacia Park for 5 years without any great luxuries.

“Nothing happened to him. The area is controlled and watched by the police. Why should there be another separate residence for ministers and their deputies? They are also just members of parliament.

“It is unfair that the taxpayers have to pay millions of rand to give these people an unnecessary luxurious life. This is also the problem with Nkandla. Safety is being abused in this instance to enrich new black elite,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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