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Ramaphosa’s response to Zondo recommendations will not deter state capturers

South Africa's hopes that President Cyril Ramaphosa would use the Zondo Commission's report on state capture as a tool to eradicate fraud and corruption in the public sector were dashed in a way typical of Ramaphosa.

The President spoke very eloquently, but in truth, he merely put forward obvious principles for good governance. These principles should have been implemented in South Africa's constitutional democracy from the outset.

The President also reiterated many of the steps that he announced and put in place in 2018 already. These steps, however, failed to prevent corruption during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The President even went so far as saying that he alone has the final say on whether any of the recommendations in the Zondo report will be executed.

He added that any decisions regarding action to be taken against a member of the executive authority rests with Parliament, which means that all members of Cabinet will still enjoy the full protection of the ANC.

The President took no decision nor did he announce any steps that will make any state capturer lose any sleep. It is extremely disappointing.

An example of the President's vague play on words is his announcement that government will first consider the Zondo Commission's recommendation that another commission must be established to further investigate incidents at PRASA that have not yet been uncovered.

Merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is not good enough. To make an example, he could have, and should have, already taken a decision about the matter and announced it last night.

The President, furthermore, summarised and repeated the Zondo Commission's findings and added a threat that those involved in corruption have nowhere left to hide.

He also provided an overview of the work that law-enforcement agencies have done and the steps that have already been taken.

It will not give any corrupt individuals who were involved in state capture any sleepless nights.

Judge Raymond Zondo's report makes it abundantly clear that the ANC is riddled with state capture.

It was mainly caused by government's policy of cadre deployment, which was headed by President Ramaphosa.

In response to the Commission's work of one and a half years at a cost of nearly one billion rand, the President is basically appointing the ANC to take the most important decisions about the report's recommendations.

That means the very same government under which state capture flourished and that first protected the former President, Jacob Zuma, and is now protecting the current President must hold itself accountable. It will not happen.



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