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Ramaphosa is demonstrating with his conduct regarding Phala Phala that the ANC’s interests come first (Debate in Parliament: Consideration of Independent Panel’s Section 89 Report on Phala Phala)

The interests of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC come first. While South Africa's interests come second. This is demonstrated by the President's conduct regarding Phala Phala.

What allegedly transpired at Phala Phala was discussed in Parliament as far back as the 9th of June. At the time, the President said that he did nothing wrong and violated no laws.

My advice to the President was to take the public into his confidence and answer all the burning questions about what happened.

After all, common sense dictates that he would be more than willing to do so if he has nothing to hide. But he was not willing.

Section 83 of the country's Constitution clearly stipulates that it is the president's duty to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution.

If there were any respect for the Constitution, the President would have been willing to answer to Parliament's National Assembly (NA).

The Zondo Commission has already established that President Ramaphosa failed to do what was needed to ensure accountability for state capture.

The former Speaker of the NA, Ms Thandi Modise, even went so far as apologising for the NA's failure to fulfil its duty of holding the executive authority accountable.

In this case, it is common sense to expect the President to be forthcoming with the truth if he has nothing to hide. He did indeed admit that there had been foreign currency on his farm. The exact amount is irrelevant.

The logical questions flowing from this include whether the relevant legal prescripts for declaring the money were complied with, whether VAT was paid on the transaction, why the theft had been kept under wraps for so long, and last but not least, why the cash was stashed in pieces of furniture.

All South Africa wants is answers to these logical questions, which the President himself does not deny.

But by not providing any, President Ramaphosa is kicking the public in the teeth and clearly demonstrating with his conduct that the ANC is much more important than the people of South Africa.



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