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Racism is found in all race groups

Racism is wrong, it can rip the country apart and must be condemned by everybody. The ANC however acts as if racism only comes from one group, and this will not contribute anything to resolving the problem, Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF Plus, says.

Dr. Mulder said during the parliamentary debate on racism, the minister of arts and culture (Nathi Mthethwa) is doing the country a disservice when he approaches the problem of racism in a biased manner.

“The minister only reads the first two sentences of the preamble to South Africa’s Constitution which reads that injustices of the past must be acknowledged. Then he talks about the ANC’s struggle heroes of the past.

“Why does he only concentrate on that which is important for the ANC? In the very next sentence of the preamble, it states that everybody who had made a contribution to build up and develop, must be honoured and then that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, ‘united in our diversity’.

“Exactly this is the problem that we have in this country about the reality of racism. The minister is selective and focuses on only that which is important to the ANC.

“Racism in all forms must be rejected, but there is a view that only certain people are capable of racism. No race, group, people or nation, white or black, is so noble and wonderful that they are not capable of racism.

“There are bad people in all communities, and there are racists in all communities. South Africa could have advanced much further with eradicating racism, but the eyes are shut to this reality, and this is wrong.

“We stumble from one big sporting event to the next in the false delusion of nation building, but suddenly the euphoria is gone and of nation building nothing remains. Acknowledge the diversity of South Africa’s people and use it as one of the building blocks to promote nation building.

“Everybody in the country has to condemn racism, but the ANC’s way to do this is wrong, and will bring us nowhere,” Dr. Mulder says.


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