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Freedom Front Plus

Racial intolerance at University of Pretoria (UP)

The FF Plus Youth in Gauteng strongly condemns the radical and intolerant behaviour exhibited by the EFF and the ANC on the University of Pretoria (UP) campus with the election of the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The FF Plus's SRC presidential candidate, Mr Daniël Viljoen, was openly targeted with racist remarks during his presidential candidate speech.

The IEC also had to replace Mr Viljoen's election posters for a second time after vandals tore them to pieces.

What is even more worrying is that the UP is allowing these small groups of EFF and ANC students to disrupt activities and poison the atmosphere on campus. It seems as if the UP is not only willing to accept this kind of behaviour, but also to immediately give in to the disruptors' demands.

It is precisely these kinds of concessions that create a false peace on campus, but that ultimately destroy student culture, set groups of people against each other and bring about division.

The FF Plus will not give in to the intimidation or the racialism of these radical groups on campus. The party represents the conservative Christian minority on campus and aims to give a voice to the minorities and to shield them against the destruction of moral and communal values.

We encourage all conservative students at UP to vote for Daniël Viljoen during the upcoming SRC elections. It will guarantee these students a passionate voice that fights for student rights.

We are calling on the UP and the IEC to step in and to ensure a positive, democratic atmosphere where all standpoints are respected, irrespective of skin colour.

Contact details:
Jean Kriek: 079-224-7321
Daniël Viljoen: 081-336-1623



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