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Premier Makhura is leading Gauteng down a path of destruction

(Debate in Gauteng Legislature)

The FF Plus confronted the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, about the ANC's poor governing style and policy as they are leading the province down a path of destruction.

The Gauteng government's plan for the future, known as "Growing Gauteng Together 2030" (GGT2030), which supposedly offers a roadmap to 2030 is not bringing about a better life for the people of Gauteng. That was already the case even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the province.

The inherent contradictions of the GGT2030 plan are evident in the fact that the ANC views the plan as a scientific roadmap for the province, but the ANC's own policy that the plan aims to implement is unscientific.

There is more than enough evidence that the ANC's policy of centralisation, government interference, job creation by the state as well as hostility towards the free market and business sector can only end in disaster with the most prominent examples being Zimbabwe, Venezuela and North Korea.

The Premier likes to refer to the Indlulamithi scenarios and frequently states that the ANC wants to move Gauteng away from the so-called "Gwara-Gwara" scenario – where we end up in the same predicament as Zimbabwe.

The truth, however, is that in their analysis of the year 2019/2020, the Indlulamithi Group indicated with their Indlulamithi Barometer that in respect of institutional abilities and leadership, Gauteng already finds itself functioning in the Gwara-Gwara region with more than 33%.

The FF Plus considers the lack of proper policy, institutional abilities and leadership in the ANC government as the main reason why Gauteng is not progressing as it should.

Change will only be possible once the ANC is ousted from power.



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