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Police deserves criticism, but some rays of light, like a new approach to farm murders, are commended

(Debate in parliament: Adjustment Budget for Department of Police)

The FF Plus welcomes the police's new approach to farm murders. The party has been fighting to get the issue on the national agenda since 1997 and in 2017, the party was successful when it requested a special debate on farm murders in Parliament.

At long last, we are reaping the fruit as the FF Plus is aware of deliberate efforts to improve rural safety.

An amount of R3,7 billion was added to the police's adjustment budget. It will, however, mean nothing if it does not deliver the results that the people want. In many cases, poor police conduct destroys the public's faith in the service.

Yesterday, four police members appeared before the court in Stilfontein on charges of illicit cigarette trade. Still there are many committed and honourable police officers who do their job really well and the FF Plus commends that.

Swift action must be taken to rid the police service of the rotten apples and the Stilfontein case goes to show that it can indeed be done.

Concerning gender violence, it is important to note that it is not just the police service that is responsible for combating it. It is partly a social problem and the community must also do its part.

In addition, the fact that the criminal justice system is failing to protect women and children against gender violence must not be overlooked. There are too many cases where the police turn women away when they want to report incidents of gender violence.

This problem must be resolved. The criminal justice system must ensure that women and children are offered proper protection by duly prosecuting and punishing offenders.

It is alarming to note that the police's communication systems will have to be downgraded in line with the adjustment budget. Communication plays a vital role in how effectively the police are able to fight crime.

The FF Plus will continue to salute the police officers who deserve recognition and will also continue to point out any problems to ensure that the rotten apples in police uniform are removed in the interest of the people.

Therefore, the FF Plus strongly condemns the violent treatment of members of the public who protested at Parliament for the survival of the restaurant and tourism industries earlier today. Using water canons and stun grenades to disperse the protesters was excessive and serves as yet another example of the needless abuse of power by some members of the police.

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