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Parliamentary member’s statement: South Africa’s water crisis and the role of the ANC government

While a widespread water scarcity is threatening the lives of all South Africans, it is shocking that more than 40% of the entire country's drinking water is lost due to leakages. When expressed in monetary value, approximately R10 billion worth of water was lost during the last financial year.

These leakages, seriously neglected water infrastructure and dysfunctional sewage plants all contribute to the large quantities of sewage water polluting the already scarce water sources, like dams and rivers. This is the result of the complete collapse of our local government.

Municipalities are failing to do the necessary maintenance to limit water losses and prevent pollution.

All while South Africa is facing an epic water crisis and dams are running dry all too fast. Numerous towns and cities do not have enough water to meet the demand and there exists a real danger that large water sources could dry up completely.

The ANC government's greatest failures include local government, the collapse of infrastructure, outstanding debt to Eskom and water boards, corruption, fraud and looting, a failure to comply with laws and regulations, no consequence management and an utter lack of service delivery.

The ANC has destroyed local government and the rural economy is suffering as a result. Poor local government results in a lack of business and investor confidence, less tourists and the loss of job opportunities.

The people of South Africa are suffering and our future is at risk. The attempts to save the situation by means of provincial administration are also failing. The Auditor-General (AG) identified a lack of political will as the main reason for the many failures on local government level.

The solution lies in accountability and smaller, community-driven municipalities with expert management. It will help grow local economies and minimise the effects of natural disasters, like severe droughts.

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