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Parliamentary budget vote debate: Police – Country’s political leaders failing the police

The country's political leaders are failing the police and the public when it comes to service delivery and then the foot soldiers are left with the difficult task of maintaining peace and stability.

The FF Plus is calling on the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, to stand up for ordinary police members on behalf of the public. Last month in the North West province, police members of the public order unit had to work a shift of 24 hours because the mayor of the JB Marks Municipality was not willing to talk to the dissatisfied community.

Concerning firearms, the FF Plus will only support the Minister's proposed firearms amnesty period if firearm owners, who did not renew their licences in time, are given the opportunity to re-apply for the renewal of their licence.

The Minister knows all too well that the police does not have the capacity to store, secure and safeguard the large number of firearms that may have to be handed in.

On the topic of firearms, it is also important to take note of the information that the Minister himself provided in response to a question posed by Dr Pieter Groenewald in Parliament, namely that more people are murdered annually in South Africa with knives and other sharp objects than with firearms. South Africa is a dangerous country and people have the right to defend themselves.

The Minister himself is always surrounded by bodyguards who carry firearms. Why should the public be denied this right?

Farm murders is a pressing problem that must be urgently addressed, fortunately, the signs in this regard seem positive. After the FF Plus engaged with the National Commissioner and the Minister of Police, there are now also discussions ongoing between the police and the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa.

Agri SA and the police have also been engaging for quite some time. The talks between these institutions must resume.

The talks must continue as cooperation has now been established between the parties regarding rural safety and it will result in a better strategy to protect rural communities and farmers.

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