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Parliamentary budget vote debate: Home Affairs – What happened to nation building in South Africa?

Are things like nation building and unity still on the agenda for the South African government? Considering the divisive public statements and the state of affairs in the Department that is supposed to handle domestic matters – Home Affairs – one cannot help but ask that question.

South Africa is a community of communities. A country with eleven official languages and a coat of arms with the motto written in the Khoisan language, which literally means "diverse people unite". This is a call for individuals and races to join hands and cooperate in the interest of our nation.

The Department is not functioning as it should and the FF Plus is worried about the fact that various acting positions in the Department are not filled.

These include the position of the director-general since August 2018, deputy director-general of civil services since August 2017 as well as the deputy director-general of information systems and anti-corruption since the end of 2014. These positions are of critical importance in the Department.

Service delivery is also a cause for concern. There are frequently rumours of people who have to wait years, in some cases up to four years, to obtain their identity documents. Such poor service and inefficiency are unacceptable.

The lack of an integrated approach to border control and inadequate harbour infrastructure are further problems that must be addressed and rectified.

The Department's budget is insufficient as an amount of R8,339 billion was allocated, which stands in stark contrast to the adjustment budget of R9,047 billion of the past financial year.

There are real problems in the Department and the FF Plus is calling on the government to solve these problems in the interest of the people of South Africa.

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