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Own constitution and plan to restore – FF Plus manifesto for the Northern Cape

The FF Plus in the Northern Cape announced its provincial manifesto, candidates and Premier candidate this morning.

In the manifesto, the Premier candidate, Dr Wynand Boshoff, highlights the province’s unique geography, economy and population. The Northern Cape covers a third of South Africa, but only 1,6 million of the country’s 60 million citizens reside there.

The FF Plus’s manifesto includes the following focus points:

• Education that prioritises expertise and skill;
• Healthcare that cares;
• Electricity: Building our own economy with our own energy;
• Accessible roads to transport our products to markets;
• Accessible roads so tourists can travel to our unique province;
and • Supporting independent communities.

The most striking elements of the FF Plus’s manifesto for the Northern Cape include the province’s own constitution and a referendum for Cape independence.

Every province has the right to adopt its own constitution It protects the province against the central government’s usurpation of power. It also expounds the province’s unique nature.

The Northern Cape needs this.

It is the only province where Afrikaans is the home language of more than half of its population. Geographically and culturally, it forms a cohesive unit with a large part of the Western Cape, where this is also the case.

Cape independence can never apply solely to the Western Cape.

If the historical Cape Province were to follow a process of independence, the result would look very different from South Africa.

It would be a bottom-to-top government where higher levels of government fulfil only those functions that local communities are unable to. That is the essence of subsidiarity – a cornerstone of FF Plus policy.

Restore and rebuild the Northern Cape; not only through a better government, but a better dispensation.



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