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Officials suspended with full pay cost the state millions

Public officials who have been suspended with full pay are costing the state millions of rands every year as a large number of them still receive their full salary even though they have been suspended for more than six months – and in some cases for more than a year – while the cases against them drag on.

This was gleaned from answers to parliamentary questions that Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus, addressed to the respective state departments. Thus far, only 18 of the 36 departments responded to the questions.

From the detailed answers provided by the Police Department, it appears that there are three lieutenant-generals (Lt.-Gen.) and two major-generals (Maj.-Gen.) among the 51 police members who were on suspension with full pay as on 1 June this year. (Questions and answers are attached herewith).

One of the generals is Lt.-Gen. Khomotso Phahlane who was suspended a year ago due to various corruption charges. The criminal case against Phahlane was withdrawn on 7 June this year, but it may be reopened once the investigation is completed.

From the answer it can also be gleaned that Maj.-Gen. Phahlane's spouse, Brig. Beauty Phahlane, was not suspended even though she was also charged with the very same offences. The charges relate to a corrupt relationship with a businessman, Mr Durand Snyman.

The other generals who were suspended are Lt.-Gen. A. Shezi and P.A. Ramikosi, and Maj.-Gen. M.O. Nemutanzhela and T.G. Phefo. The latter two have been on suspension with full pay for more than six months.

It appears that 17 police members were simultaneously placed on suspension on 24 April this year. Among them are two captains and 15 constables.

At present, there are 51 police members who are on suspension with full pay and at 1 June this year, it had cost the state R4 600 000. Only three of them have been suspended for more than six months.

In contrast, there are currently 31 members of the defence force who are suspended and 15 of them have been on suspension for more than six months. By 1 June this year, the suspended members had already cost tax payers R17 169 717.

It is interesting to note that there are four people in the presidency who have been suspended and that by 1 June, three of them had been on suspension for less than four months. Only one of them had been on suspension for more than six months by 1 June.

And yet the amount spent on their salaries amounts to R3 305 362 in comparison with the R4 600 000 for the salaries of the 51 police members, which includes five generals.

The FF Plus will address a follow-up question to the department in order to determine who the person is who has been suspended from the presidency for more than six months, for how long he/she has been on suspension and why it amounts to such a great expense.

The large number of suspensions, particularly in the police and the defence force, is worrying and points to incompetence, inadequate training and a lack of discipline in the military environment.

The reason for this is that Affirmative Action (AA), as part of the ANC's destructive policy, has caused great damage in all the state departments of South Africa.

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