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Northern Cape SOPA: Inspirational, but missed important points

The State of the Province Address (SOPA) by Northern Cape Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, was comprehensive and inspirational and yet a few important points were not given the attention that they deserve.

On the positive side, the FF Plus welcomes the emphasis the Premier put on the possible independence of the province through utilising solar power and adding value to the minerals mined in the province.

The deep-sea port at Boegoe Bay in Namakwaland is an exciting prospect and something that the FF Plus has been advocating for a long time. It will have a truly exponential effect on the province's economy if mining, agricultural value-adding, transport and export can all be done by the province itself.

On the negative side, the Premier did not pay enough attention to the fact that every single municipality in the province is in financial trouble. If this underlying problem is not solved, his vision for the future cannot be realised.

The extensive infrastructure replacements that he proposed for Kimberley could help to solve the city's ongoing service delivery problems. Unfortunately, it must be implemented by the Sol Plaatje council where the ANC's faction fights have thus far, put a spoke in the wheel of executing plans. Dr Saul himself will have to take the lead.

Seeing as the Northern Cape plays a pivotal role in the FF Plus's plans for the future, the party really wants to see the province be successful and independent. And if the words of this SOPA are put into action, it will contribute to that ideal.

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