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Freedom Front Plus

No freedom to speak of in South Africa under ANC government

(Debate in Parliament: Freedom Day)

Compared to the ideal presented in the South African Constitution's Bill of Rights, the people of South Africa have no real rights to speak of.

The Constitution guarantees certain freedoms, like freedom from discrimination and bodily harm as well as the right to equality, human dignity, life, sustenance, water, social security, and access to service delivery, education and so much more.

And yet is it clear that these "guarantees" are no more than empty words for the people of South Africa.

How free are women who must constantly watch their backs? Or farmers who have no choice but to keep a weapon next to their beds to protect their families during the night?

How free is the mother who feeds her children and then goes to bed hungry, wondering where she will find something to eat the next day?

Are women experiencing any more freedom today than in September 2019 when they protested against violence and murder in front of Parliament? When the President announced a plan of action, which included establishing 11 additional courts to deal with sexual offences.

From the responses to questions that the FF Plus posed to the Minister of Justice about how many of these courts have been set up, it is clear that no such additional courts have been established thus far.

The country's unemployment rate has risen to 35,3%. The highest ever. Youth unemployment in the age group of 15 to 24 years, without any education or training, is a staggering 66,5%.

Millions of people in South Africa are caught in a hopeless cycle of unemployment and the government's response to this is to intensify legislation, which further restricts job creation and economic growth.

In addition to a lack of job creation, local economies fail due to a lack of service delivery. Good service delivery and reliable power supply seem to be the only things that South Africa are truly free from.

It is abundantly clear that infrastructure maintenance and development are foreign concepts to government and, therefore, repeatedly bite the dust amid corruption, megalomania, mismanagement, misguided priorities and incompetence.

But wait, there is more: Many people are deprived of the freedom to commemorate and celebrate their heritage and history. That right is trampled for the sake of a waning ANC majority's outdated political ideologies.

A democracy on paper with a constitution that guarantees every freedom under the sun means absolutely nothing without actual freedom.




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