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NCOP budget vote debate: Small Business Development – Department of Small Business Development serves no purpose

As it stands, the Department of Small Business Development serves no purpose and President Cyril Ramaphosa missed a golden opportunity to streamline his Cabinet by merging the Department of Small Business Development with the Department of Economic Development.

The reason is simple: the ANC's policy of creation jobs within the government means nothing for small businesses. It is not the government's responsibility to create jobs, it is supposed to create a favourable environment in which small businesses and larger industries can develop.

Small businesses comprise one of the most important components of South Africa's economy and growth in this area is vital for the country's broader economic progress. An environment must be created in which ideas can flourish and grow into profitable businesses without government interference.

The government must, furthermore, ensure that municipalities do their duty and provide proper service delivery, build and maintain new infrastructure and effectively combat crime so as to create a healthy economic environment in which smaller businesses can grow.

This can only be done with effective economic policy and not with a Department that makes no contribution and that simply wastes taxpayers' money.

No government can sustainably keep providing jobs. Jobs creation can also not be achieved by means of legislation. Legislation aimed at reducing unemployment will only lead to further overregulation, which will ultimately have the opposite effect.

Labour legislation must be amended to promote job creation while fair labour practices must be maintained.
Race-based AA and BEE must be abolished. These policies failed all South Africans, particularly the youth. Only a small elite benefit from it while poverty and unemployment are still at the order of the day.

The FF Plus is in favour of a youth wage subsidy, specifically for small businesses, because if it is implemented fairly it will effectively address these problems. The subsidy must, however, not discriminate based on colour. Unemployment extends across racial boundaries.

In this way, the South African population can be transformed from one that is dependent on social grants to one that forms the driving force behind the country's economic growth.

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