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Minority rights, self-determination and Afrikaners in the current dispensation and political environment

The vaunted South African Constitution falls short with regards to the protection of minorities and this has led to Afrikaners’ culture, language and their survival being under pressure. That is why it is important to search for solutions, Dr. Pieter Mulder, the FF Plus’ leader said.

Dr. Mulder, today at a symposium of the OASE group, which propagates self-determination, said the Afrikaners have lost all real political power and in the search for solutions for its survival Afrikaners should be realistic about the realities of the country. The solutions should be modern and fair toward Afrikaners and others and in line with international solutions.

Other speakers at the symposium were Ms. Moira Daya who spoke about the Khoisan’s First nation Status and its right to self-determination, Dr. Gregory Santon of Genocide Watch and Mr. Cor Ehlers of OASE.

Dr. Mulder said it was not necessary to discover the wheel anew, but lessons can be taken from other countries with similar problems. Suitable solutions can be adopted and amended for own realities.

“South Africa’s Constitution is not the best in the world. Because the National Party’s point of departure in the negotiations was only the protection of individual rights, the opportunity was missed in 1994 to incorporate some of these international minority and self-determination solutions.

“The Afrikaner will have to create its own future and not put its hope in the government or other groups to rescue itself.

“To do this, a greater consensus amongst each other about the Afrikaner’s place and role in South Africa and Africa is needed and it has to be included in a broader unifying dream. In being realistic we should leave enough room within it for differences,” Dr. Mulder said.

He said it would require strong organisations which could act on all terrains and that will not be embarrassed to serve the broader unifying Afrikaner dream and carry it out. A culture of self-caring and self-doing should be created for this.

According to Dr. Mulder, self-determination cannot be bought from the shelf and there are different self-determination phases that have to take place for the end-goal to be reached.


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