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Matrics: Pass rate encouraging, but many challenges lie ahead

The FF Plus would like to congratulate the class of 2019 with the pass rate of 81,3%. When one starts school in Grade 1, your main objective is to ultimately pass Matric. In South Africa there are, however, various factors that make it very hard to achieve this objective.

Schools that do not have the proper facilities, teachers who are not truly committed and circumstances at home that as a result of poverty or a lack of interest do not promote learning are just a few of the main obstacles. In addition to that a large part of the population receive education in their second or even their third language.

And then the learners who did not pass have to pluck up the courage to try again next year. A setback is only temporary, but on the condition that one sees it that way.

Matric is not meant to be a vocational qualification. And that is why it is of the utmost importance that every learner is afforded the opportunity to attend one of South Africa's universities, universities of technology or technical and vocational colleges. And if that is not possible, the most important prerequisite for achieving success in the workplace is one's commitment to do your work in excellence.

It is important to note that 80% of matriculants passed with endorsement and, thus, have the option to continue with their studies, be it for a degree, diploma or a higher certificate. And this means that they will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to create a better future for themselves and their children.

While the Department of Basic Education does deserve credit for the progress made with the educational system, there is still ample room for improvement. For example, it is unfathomable that money that was earmarked for building more schools was paid back to the Treasury. The Department must urgently develop the ability to spend these funds wisely.

Furthermore, the attack on Afrikaans as a medium of instruction must stop. The educational system will fare much better if all children are given the opportunity to receive education in their mother tongue. It does not make any sense to deprive those who are already enjoying that privilege. Not a single language nor school can be built up by tearing another down.

Another thing that deserves mention is how well the Independent Examinations Board performed. This assessment agency administered an exam, which is similar in scope to the one administered by the Northern Cape province, across the country and even in some neighbouring countries.

It includes highly privileged schools as well as independent schools that have only the bare minimum resources at their disposal. And yet they succeeded in achieving a pass rate of almost 99% of which nearly 90% meet the minimum requirements for studying a degree.

Lastly, the Department of Education needs to realise that in the current era, education is a function of cultural communities. In the international context, the great educational system that gives preference to the government and its main ideology has been discredited.

The FF Plus supports communities that want to make it a reality in South Africa as well.

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